First author: AZIM Mohammad Fazla
Affiliation: Deputy Secretary, Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives, Bangladesh
Second author: ISLAM Mohammad Shamsal (
Affiliation: Adjunct faculty, Department of Public Health Ophthalmology, University of South Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Third author: KHAN Md. Doulutuzzaman
Affiliation: Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Fourth author: ALAUDDIN Mohammed
Affiliation: Ph.D. fellow, Bangladesh University of Professionals, Dhaka, Bangladesh


The aim of the research was to explore the impact of social safety net programs in achieving the SDG target 3.8 at the union level of Bangladesh. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to collect the data. A total of 100 quantitative survey data and 10 KIIs were conducted. Statistically significant tests between variables (X2, p-value, and CI) were done. The average age of the respondents is 58.41± 18.35 years. There is a strong association between the age of the respondents and receiving the government social safety net program support (x2= 29.62; Cramer’s V= .42, df = 12; Sig; P= < .003). We found an association between respondents’ monthly income and types of disability (x2= 19.03; Cramer’s V= .33, df = 12; Sig; P= < .03). The health expenditure of the study respondents is higher compared to the age range below 50 years in Bangladesh. There is a strong association between respondents’ age and health expenditure (x2= 24.53; Cramer’s V= .26, df = 11; Sig; P= < .04). The majority of respondents (84.5%) bought medicine, 8.2% buy food, 4.1% expenses on children’s educational purposes and 3.1% buy a dress with their SSPs money. About 69% of respondents think that SSPs’ support money is not sufficient to survive and maintain the minimum quality of life. Study findings suggest that the majority of the respondents were happy with government SSPs. Further research should address the factors of disability of the SSPs beneficiaries and the quality of life of SSPs beneficiaries.

Keywords: SSP, MDG, SDG, KII, Noakhali, Bangladesh

Pages: 70 - 75
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Publication date: December, 2022

AZIM Mohammad Fazla & ISLAM Mohammad Shamsal & KHAN Md. Doulutuzzaman & ALAUDDIN Mohammed, 2022. "IMPACT OF SOCIAL SAFETY NET PROGRAM IN ACHIEVING SDG-3.8: A CASE STUDY OF NOANNOY UNION, NOAKHALI, BANGLADESH", Management of Sustainable Development, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, vol. 14(2), pages 70-75, December. DOI: