First author: HULPUȘ Ioana (
Affiliation: Lucian Blaga University Sibiu
Second author: HULPUȘ Alexandru (
Affiliation: Lucian Blaga University Sibiu


Sustainability has become a pressing concern for a wide range of organizations, including sports’ world governing bodies. This paper aims to examine the meaning of sustainability in the context of international sport federations and how the national federations succeed to implement social and environmental sustainability practices. The study explores the strategic priorities for sustainable development from the perspective of Romanian Football Federation for governing national sport and how they define a framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. We used a five-dimensional analytical framework to analyze the recent changes national federations have made regarding sustainability, concentrating on the Romanian Football Federation as an example of good practices. The paper aims to emphasize that planned efforts as part of a long-term sustainable development strategy in the field of sport must be considered high priority.

Keywords: Sustainable development, development through sport, sport federations, sustainable strategy

Pages: 52 - 57
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Publication date: December, 2022

HULPUȘ Ioana & HULPUȘ Alexandru, 2022. "APPROACHES OF STRATEGIC SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN ROMANIAN SPORT", Management of Sustainable Development, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, vol. 14(2), pages 52-57, December. DOI: