First author: SAZU Mesbaul Haque (
Affiliation: Case Western Reserve University, USA
Second author: JAHAN Sakila Akter (
Affiliation: Independent University, Bangladesh


Background: Healthcare is a very complex area that is ingesting data at an unprecedented speed. Within the health care industry, there’s an abundance of data; data from physicians and hospitals, medical research, medical insurance, medical equipment as well as life sciences keep flowing at a high rate. The improvement of technologies opens doors to huge possibilities for using the data found in health care for transforming the management of healthcare. Research gap: A lot of research have been conducted to study the significance of data analytics in general healthcare, but there’s a gap to research the importance of data analytics in the field of healthcare management as well as its current state of development. Novelty: The study, through employing structural mapping, focuses on evaluating the available research to offer proof that will encourage further application of data analytics in the healthcare field. Methodology: An organized structural mapping analysis of 1241 studies was carried out to identify as well as evaluate the application of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. Future scope: This study is going to identify the areas which need further study for the use of data analytics in healthcare. This study will likely provide a potential base for future researchers to conduct further research.

Keywords: management, data analytics, artificial intelligence, healthcare, performance

Pages: 36 - 42
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Publication date: June, 2022

SAZU Mesbaul Haque & JAHAN Sakila Akter, 2022. "BIG DATA ANALYTICS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MANAGEMENT OF HEALTHCARE: IMPACTS & CURRENT STATE", Management of Sustainable Development, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, vol. 14(1), pages 36-42, June. DOI: